NEW P&N Prelim Exam Papers for 2023/2024 SQA Courses – available now. (Published 1st October, 2023)

Reasons to buy P&N Prelim Exam Questions Papers...

  • This session’s new 2023/2024 P&N prelim question papers are guaranteed “sight unseen” — securely generate candidate estimates with confidence!
  • Completely new material published each year in October – prelims of the highest quality set for the next SQA exam diet (2024)
  • Question papers and marking keys are independently scrutinised to ensure validity and reliability
  • Prelims are reviewed under strict security to ensure consistency and accuracy
  • Comprehensive user-friendly marking guides for each level
  • Unrestricted single-site copyright licences
  • Digital Question Paper (DQP) versions are available on request to support ASN candidates at no additional charge
  • Paper (postal delivery) or PDF (secure download) versions available of all P&N prelim question paper packs
  • P&N prelims have the format, layout and standards of SQA Exam Papers…
  • this provides candidates with an exam experience as close to “the real thing” as possible!
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