Downloading your products

Downloading your products

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Q: Which browser should I use?

Please use any modern web browser programs. Please note that you will need to download your pack to view all files as built-in PDF viewers such as those in Windows 10 versions of Edge and Chrome in particular will not display all component files in PDF portfolio ePacks due to limitations in their software.

Google Chrome has some security settings which may be implemented in your school/college that may result in you being unable to download your packs. Please use an alternative browser if this is the case in your own centre.

Mobile browser versions (e.g. iPad etc) are not suitable due to the (current) limited nature of their support for downloading PDF portfolios. You would need to transfer to cloud storage (an option provided on some mobile operating systems) and then view using a suitably capable viewer such as Acrobat DC, now available on all mobile platforms.

Q: How do  I download the items I have ordered?

1. Your confirmation email will show that you order is “on hold”. Once security checks are completed your order status will be changes to “complete” and you will receive an email (with the subject “Your P&N Publication order is now complete”.

  • When your order has been despatched you will receive a message (with the subject Your P&N Publications is now complete) confirming that your order has been despatched. For electronic PDF download packs a table will summarise your order and will offer a link for download in the “Download” column for each pack on your order.

2. Click the download link under the download column for each packs you wish to download

3. A sample of the body of an email containing download links (all links for your order are included)…

  • The body of the email will be similar to below.
  • Please note that when you click the download link for a pack, it will automatically download. You are limited to 2 downloads for security.
  • Please ensure you save the file to disk (if you see a cover sheet then your browser is automatically displaying PDFs but may not permanently store this, you will need to choose to save this).
  • Open the saved file in Acrobat Reader DC to view all files in the pack.
  • You should enter the name and password in the Registered customer/Login section. If needs be, request a password reset.


We have finished processing your order.


Product Expires Download
XXXX[20X/XXX] 40 days PN20/XXX XXX 2021

Pay on Invoice. Invoices will follow after completion of your order. Orders without a valid purchase order may be delayed.

[Order #XXXXXX] (XX Month 2021)

Product Quantity Price
XXX [20/XXX] 1 £XX.XX
Subtotal: £XX.XX
Payment method: Pay on Invoice
Total: £XX.XX

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Thank you for your custom.

P&N Publications (
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Q: I don’t know my Username or Password. How do I find these?

Your username will be the email address to which you receive emails from our system. E.g. download confirmations, download links etc. Existing customers are will be asked to login, including to access any downloads.

You can receive a reminder of your password by entering your email address under the “Login” on your account page and click “Forgotten your password?“.

You will then be sent a copy of your password.

Please note that due to GDPR Data Protection law our operators can’t directly access your password – this cannot be provided to you by telephone. Please note that all account passwords were reset on our move to our new and improved systems in February 2021.

If you have changed your email address and can’t remember your original one, please contact or send a message via our Contact Us page.

Q: I am using the recommended version of Adobe (Acrobat) Reader (v X or XI, DC) but I can’t open my ePack which I have successfully downloaded.

I do have Adobe Flash installed – why am I getting an alert about Flash Player and/or can’t I see all the files in the PDF ePack portfolio?

This message does not apply to 2020/2021 prelim packs (published October 2020), which make no use of Flash. Flash was retired by Abobe in January 2021 and should be removed from your sytem for security. On packs previous to our 2019/2020 series (published October, 2019) this happens on machines where a centre’s version of Flash player has not been removed. This affects very few customers, as most IT departments have removed Flash automatically and installed the latest version of Acrobat Reader DC.

If you do get this message, please download the recommended version of Acrobat Reader DC – the alert should also offer you the option to do this.

Q: Why can I only see the cover sheet/save instruction when I try to open the PDF ePack?

A: You need to download the file first as some browsers do not support Adobe Reader PDF extensions. Once downloaded, open the file in Acrobat Reader v10, Acrobat Reader DC or later versions as noted. This software is usually installed as standard on all school/college computers. The files are “PDF portfolio” ePacks and can only be opened in Adobe Acrobat Reader (aka Adobe Reader) versions DC and above (or fully featured compatible software).

Usually, if only the front cover is shown this is because the PDF viewer you are using is either an older version or another viewer (such as Chrome or Edge built in PDF viewers) which does not support this standard feature OR if you simply see a single page which states “If you are seeing this notice first, youa are possibly viewing this Prelim PDF ePAck in your browser…)” this means that the file has been loaded by your browser’s PDF viewer. To access the file you will need to save/download this file to your network/PC and access the downloaded file using the full version of Acrobat Reader.

Common browser options to locate your downloaded files: If you can’t find them, check your browser’s downloads list. E.g. In Firefox: Tools>Downloads; In Internet Explorer: Tools: View downloads (Ctrl+J); In Safari: [cog/settings menu]> Downloads (Cntrl+Alt+L or on MacOS View>Show Downloads (Opt+Cmd+L).

You can find out more about how to use PDF portfolios on Adobe’s website.

Getting around the PDF ePack (“PDF Portfolio”) interface

There are several viewing modes in the PDF Portfolio interface, accessible from the toolbar. Choose either a graphical view (Layout) or list view (Details) to view the files in your ePack.

When you first load the file you will see a representation of the files contained in our pack. Your viewing mode options for your P&N ePack include:

  • > Click Details (list icon) to display the Portfolio’s contents in Details mode.
  • The files are listed in rows, showing thumbnails and information about each file.
  • Depending on the subject you will see at least three files — the Copyright licence, the individual parts of the prelim [QP or QPaper suffix] and the associated marking key (“[MKey]”).
  • Modern Languages packs will also list the Listening Audio MP3 file and Transcript for the level included.
  • Right click on a particular file’s icon if you wish to save elsewhere (“extract” the file).
  • > Select a file in Details or Home mode to activate the Preview button. Click on a file to display the file in Preview mode. To open a file in its own window, click on the open button in the top right corner of the preview pane.